PHILIP CRAIG Landscape Painting
in the Peak District

GDPR Compliance

What Information do I hold?

Any contact you have with me means I hold your information, so if you email or telephone me I will have those details, if you contact me through the contact form on this site then I will have that information.

What do I use it for?

The only reason I hold any of your information is for correspondence initiated by you. I use that information for replying to you during the course of that correspondence.

Where is it held?

I do not collate any of the information. I retain email correspondence whilst in communication with you.

How long do I hold information?

Once the correspondence has finished I hold information in the form of emails for 12months, then I delete them.

Telephone correspondence is through my phone only and I delete those numbers monthly, if your lucky enough to be someone I have developed a working relationship with over time then I’ll add them to my contacts log.

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